Artistic project

AR proposal topic
Spirituality – the consciousness of contemporary man

Spirituality perceived in a broad context (religious, cultural, social and civilizational), based on modern technology, especially Augmented Reality.

Spirituality – the consciousness of contemporary man is a project bringing together artists from different continents (Europe, North America, Central Asia).

The aim of the project is to define the spiritual condition of the contemporary man and to reinterpret the character of spirituality, as what it has become in the era of digitalisation and IT solutions.

The project will analyse how the diverse forms of our spirituality depend on our origin, or on the place where we have put down our roots. It will explore diversity of spirituality in the context of the clash of different cultures: European, North American, Central Asian and Asian.

It will also present spirituality in the times of rapidly developing technologies.

The project aims to explore spirituality in the religious, philosophical, social, cultural and civilizational context and review the role of the modern artist in the digital world. It will show how traditional art corresponds with the latest technologies.

The assumption of the project in its final stage is to present the works by means of Augmented Reality.


The project aims at implementing traditional art into the new media world and showing the possibilities of synergising these potentially different forms of art and expanding the visual forms of expressions by adding sound and animation.

Series of works in the styles familiar for their authors will be created. Then selected works will be implemented on the AR platform to expand their form.

In the international exhibitions both versions of the selected artists’works: those created by traditional techniques as well as those created by using mobile applications will be presented.

The project will create the opportunity for the participants to present the multi-faceted character of their artistic output.

Participants will create three works. At least one of these works will be presented in its animated version.

Technical informations:

Each animated work will not exceed 20 seconds, the work should be looped, saved as a mp4 file, not larger than 20 MB.
Printed work should be in high resolution, the size depends on the author.