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After the third milestone: inspiring ideas

Interesing ideas, inspiring games, a lot of colours and tons of conclusions. Thats a summary of third milesone meeting. It took place on 2th June via zoom platform.

Mentors and student who has create games in „Gamelab” project show work effects.

First we can see „Czech” group. Jagoda Zirebiec and Mauricio Rabiella told about creating their game.


Next we could see summary from USA group (Aleksandra Giza and Amanda van Valkenburg.

After that we could see Julio Broca’s group (Mexico)

Next Marcin Gołdyszewicz and Grzegorz Dąbrowski (Poland) show their presentation.

Next was a speech Koji Mikami, Kunio Kondo and Sabina Akhmetova (Japan)

After that Dominik Wilhelm (German) told about his group.

and finally was a Belgium group (Steven Malliet, Agata Jankowiak)