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What’s up in the teams? Evaluation after the first milestone

All of seven leaders has connected to talk each other about their projects. Here we can see some screens from call. The meeting took place on February 26.

It was a perfect opportunity to get to know how individual teams work.

All of presentations are avalaible here.


Carina Erdmann and Steven Malliet, Belgium mentors shows how their team has preparing game called „REWILDING”. In this game single player open world exploration and survival experience where nature, the main protagonist, is visually evolving over time.

Prof. Marek Sibinsky and Jan Drozd from Czech Republic said about side-scrolled platformer with stylised 3d graphic. Game is about finding misplaced human soul.

Dominic Wilhelm from Germany said about main concept of his team called „Simplicity of Complexity – Emergent Art and Gameplay”. The concept of emergence describes how complex structures and behaviours can arise from a system of seemingly simple rules and components, or even chaos.

From the self-organizing behaviour of a beehive to the similar but endlessly diverse structures of snow crystals and to the human mind itself: Emergent behaviour plays a major role in many areas, such as nature, social life, systems thinking or artificial intelligence. It is not governed by a central instance but develops rather spontaneously when the parts of a system interact with each other. But the beauty and complexity that appears when emergence happens is greater than its parts and cannot be fully predicted. Games like ‚Go’ and ‚Tetris’ achieve endless hours of deep emergent gameplay from simple rules, while‚Dungeons & Dragons’ defined a system of rules for the collaborative creation of ever-evolving emergent stories… – it is written in the presentation.

Koji Mikami and Kunio Kondo, mentors from Japan, said about completing their team.


Julio Broca, mentor from Mexico, said about preparing game called „Mask of Truth”. It’s a psychological thriller, sci-fi, related with pandemics and ecology. Story telling gamified in first person. The gamer lives with the main character amnesia. Both have to recover their memories solving the mysteries in the game and find their purpose.

Marcin Gołdyszewicz, polish mentor said about a game with character who will travel through the
generated and organic world of the forest with obstacles.

Aleksandra Giza and Amanda VanValkenburg, mentros from USA said about project called „Initial Premise”. The goal of their work is to translate the idea of communicating through ciphers and codes into a video game that makes an attempt to decipher an unknown language.

All of presentations are avalaible here.